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The Overture & the Undertow

We don't all float here

Alexa (Cause, like, 'angsty_chick' was taken.....)
11 May
I'm a former writer/poet, turned jewelry designer. Ehh, I'll add to this as I think of things....

I don't know how much I want to put about myself on here. I'm still not so enamoured with this as a substitute for good, old-fashioned face time with people. But where would I get face time? The bars? Thus, I am here. Never mind. Screw that...I AM AN LJ WHORE. I ADMIT IT.

I don't know what to say. I'm an odd duck.
A pretty fair amount of my posts are friends-only. But I like to think the public ones are okay reading as well.

You can add me, if you wish. But say something when you do, please?? If your own journal makes for semi-interesting reading, I'll probably add you back. If it doesn't, you can redeem yourself by being semi-interesting in my journal. After that, you're outta luck.

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